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Little Signs Critchfield Bill Creating New Career Technical Education Opportunities

Boise, ID– Governor Brad Little this morning signed into law HB 267, which will expand grades 7-12 Career Technical Education (CTE) in Idaho public schools. The new program will be especially beneficial in rural Idaho where smaller schools have traditionally had fewer resources to fund CTE programs.

The bill was Critchfield’s third piece of legislation to be signed into law during her first legislative session in office. “As superintendent, I believe one of my main functions and responsibilities is to engage in the legislative process to yield the very best for our students, parents and schools,” Critchfield said. I’m very pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish with our legislative partners and Governor Little. I thank them for their efforts and take pride in knowing education in Idaho is now stronger based on that collaboration.”

HB 267 provides an increase in state support for secondary (grades 7-12) career technical education and reduces the reliance on federal funds for CTE programs; allows districts to provide additional programming that is responsive to regional and statewide industry needs; prepares Idaho secondary students for careers after graduation; and allows school districts to develop programs that are specific to their community needs. “This legislation has so many upsides for Idaho students, our communities and local industry,” Critchfield said. “An expansion of Career Technical Education opportunities – especially in our rural areas – will be a gamechanger for thousands of Idaho students. This was one of my top legislative priorities coming into office and I’m excited that it’s come to fruition.”

Gov. Little also signed HB 163, a bill that establishes a Parental Bill of Rights for parents communicating with their students’ schools, on March 17. He signed HB 92, the Financial Literacy bill, on March 20. HB 92 makes it a requirement for all high schools to teach a class in financial literacy. Students will learn the basics of real-world personal finance and how to make sound financial decisions in their everyday lives. This class will fulfill a graduation requirement for financial literacy. Critchfield partnered with Rep. James Petzke on the legislation, which passed unanimously in both chambers.

HB 163 codifies parental rights to facilitate communication between parents and schools. Superintendent Critchfield drafted the bill with input from parental groups and other stakeholders. The bill establishes uniform parental rights in public schools statewide. It passed the Legislature on a combined vote of 101-3. The three new laws will take effect July 1