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Captain Jeff Klone, of the Lewiston Police Department, was one of two hundred and thirty-eight law enforcement officers from across 47 states, the District of Columbia, and the world, to graduate from this prestigious program.

Captain Klone  recently achieved a significant milestone by graduating from the prestigious FBI National Academy. This accomplishment, which hasn’t been attained by a member of the Lewiston Police Department in over 20 years, marks a historic moment for Captain Klone, the department, and the community.


Police Chief Jason Kuzik expressed immense pride in Captain Klone’s achievement, highlighting the rarity of this accomplishment within the department’s rich history. Chief Kuzik emphasized that the FBI National Academy not only equips participants with innovative techniques but also fosters the exchange of ideas and best practices, working toward a cohesive approach among law enforcement agencies nationwide.

The program’s mission revolves around supporting and enhancing the development of law enforcement leaders, preparing them to face contemporary challenges with proficiency, expertise, and care. Over the intensive 10-week program, officers engage in comprehensive college-level courses covering critical areas such as Law, Behavioral Science, Leadership Development, Communication, Cyber Crime, and Health/Fitness. This specialized training enables participants to forge lasting partnerships with law enforcement officials from across the country, aiding in continued collaboration and improved public safety services.Resized_20230605_113728 (2)

Participation in the FBI National Academy is by invitation only, with leaders selected from every state, U.S. Territories, and over 150 foreign nations based on stringent criteria. This competitive process includes nominations from department heads or individuals who have undergone the academy’s training, eligibility assessments, FBI background checks, and rigorous fitness tests.

Captain Klone’s selection for this coveted program stems from his unwavering dedication to the Lewiston Police Department and the community it serves. Chief Kuzik firmly believes that the skills acquired through this transformational experience will propel the department forward, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of the Lewiston community.

The roots of the National Academy trace back to 1935 when the commission recommended standardizing and professionalizing law enforcement departments across the United States, leading to the creation of the “FBI Police Training School.” Over time, the curriculum expanded to encompass a broad range of topics, including Scientific Aids in Crime Detection, Preparation of Reports, Criminal Investigation Techniques, and Administration and Organization, culminating in a profound legacy that continues to inspire the future of law enforcement.

One notable tradition within the academy is the yellow brick road, considered the pinnacle of the fitness portion. It includes a six-mile run and a 2-mile United States Marine Corps obstacle course, challenging students both physically and mentally. Captain Klone successfully completed this course, proudly holding his own yellow brick.

In the picture below, Captain Klone is standing next to a Bearcat armored vehicle that the Philadelphia Police Department’s SWAT team utilizes. He was able to take a tour of both the Philadelphia Police Department and New York City’s Police Department Special Operations Units as part of the academy. IMG_4284 (2)

Captain Klone’s completion of the FBI National Academy not only adds a remarkable chapter to the Lewiston Police Department’s history but also signals a new era of enhanced law enforcement services for the community. As he brings his newfound expertise back to the department, Captain Klone’s dedication to continuous improvement ensures that the Lewiston Police Department remains at the forefront of meeting the evolving needs of its residents.


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