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Martial Arts America Competition Team Has Impressive Showing at Morris Mack Open

PHOTO: Top Row: Rhyli Stocks, Tristan Gillispie, Kya Svancara, Caleb Olsen, Lily Olsen, Will Musser Bottom Row: Conley Svancara, Gemma Dondero, Scarlet Arnett, Gracyn Forth, McKinley Forth, Aaron Sauve
YAKIMA, Wa. – Sensei Austin Arnett and Coach Sydni Stocks of Martial Arts America in Lewiston, Idaho led the way for twelve athletes, ages 3 – 15-years-old to compete in the Morris Mack Open at the Sozo Yakima Sports Complex in Yakima, Washington this weekend. The team earned 27 medals to take back to the Lewis-Clark Valley.
Sensei Austin Arnett’s daughter, Scarlet, is following the Arnett family tradition, practicing and competing in martial arts at a young age. Scarlet Arnett is three-years-old and has been training her whole life, the benefits of having a Sensei and Professional MMA fighter as a father.
The Morris Mack Open is hosted by Shihan Mike Franco of Trinity Martial Arts with assistance from Sensei Vanesa Perkins of Treasure Valley Karate of Southern Idaho. 
The Morris Mack Open is a karate tournament that holds a very close place to Austin. His father, Frank Arnett, who sadly passed away in 2020, was the first karate student of Sensei Morris Mack to open his dojo in 1982. Sensei Frank Arnett trained with Morris Mack in 1976 in Yakima, Washington. “He got his black belt under him in 1980, and then they picked Clarkston/Lewiston for him to move and open his karate school,” says Austin Arnett. “My dad was the first student of Morris Mack to open up his karate school. Now there have been over 40 karate schools opened up from Morris Mack students.” Frank considered Morris Mack as his karate instructor, mentor, and in many ways, a second father to him (cited from Frank’s Facebook post- March 7th, 2019). Sensei Morris Mack passed away in 2017 at the age of 78. Frank trained, taught, and lived the martial arts because of Sensei Morris Mack. Arnett’s Martial Arts America has approximately 260 members, ages 60+ to 3 years old, practicing martial arts under Austin and his team of amazing instructors and coaches. 
Rhyli Stocks – 15-year-old females Black Belt – Kata: 3rd, Kobudo (Weapons): 3rd
McKinley Forth – 15-year-old females Intermediate Brown Belt – Kata: 3rd, Kumite (Sparring): 3rd
Will Musser – 12-year-old males Purple Belt – Kumite (Sparring): 2nd, Kobudo (Weapons): 4th
Aaron Sauve – 12-year-old males Intermediate Brown Belt – Kata: 1st, Team Kata: 2nd, Kumite (Sparring): 4th, Kobudo (Weapons): 3rd
Gracyn Forth – 12-year-old females Intermediate Brown Belt – Kata: 3rd, Team Kata: 2nd, Kumite (Sparring): 3rd
Lily Olsen – 11-year-old females Intermediate Brown Belt – Kata:  3rd, Team Kata: 2nd, Kobudo (Weapons): 4th
Kya Svancara – 8-year-old females Novice (Green Belt) – Kata: 1st, Kumite (Sparring): 2nd, Kobudo (Weapons): 1st
Gemma Dondero – 8-year-old females Novice (Blue Belt) – Kata: 4th
Tristan Gillispie – 7-year-old males Novice (Blue Belt) – Kata: 1st, Kumite (Sparring): 1st
Conley Svancara – 6-year-old males Beginners (Yellow Belt) – Kata: 2nd, Blocker Sparring: 1st, Flag Sparring: 1st
Scarlet Arnett – 3-year-old females (White Belt) – Blocker Sparring: 3rd, Flag Sparring: 4th

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