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Non-injury vehicle accident involving a loaded logging truck on Grangemont Road

From the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office:

On 07/17/2023 at approximately 1106 hours, the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office along with Rescue 3 responded to the area of 4921 Grangemont Road for a non-injury vehicle accident. The accident involved a loaded logging truck, driven by 26-year-old Ryan Kiely of Lewiston Idaho. The log truck, a 2014 Kenworth, was traveling westbound on Grangemont Road, when negotiating a corner an equipment failure caused the load to break loose and flip the trailer. Kiely steered his truck into the ditch to avoid a collision with oncoming traffic. A self-loading log truck, a secondary log truck and a heavy wrecker responded to the scene to clear the roadway. All logs and trucks were cleared from the scene and the road re-opened to traffic at approximately 1519 hours.