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Road Delays on 443 and 464 Roads Announced

KAMIAH, Idaho: 8/11/2023— The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests announced road delays on Road 443 and 464 north of Elk City from August 15th to November 15th as part of the Sad SOB Timber Sale. Road 443 will be impacted 1 mile south of its junction with road 464 and 1.5 miles east of the junction on Road 464 and 3.5 miles west of the junction on Road 464.  Road 356 will be impacted from its junction with 464 to its junction with 9716.  Timber Contracting Officer Amy Powers explained, “These delays may last as long as 4 hours and will protect the safety of workers and the public as they travel through the forest during the timber sale.”