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Washington State News

Spokane Police Arrest Car Thief Who Stole a Vehicle With a Dog Inside

Spokane, Wash – (Release from Spokane Police Department) On the morning of November 25, 2022, a Spokane man stopped at a store in the 6500 block of N. Nevada, locked his near 2 year old Golden Retriever in his car and went briefly into the business. When he returned several minutes later, his car was gone and so was his dog – Grogu. The victim was understandably upset that his car had been stolen, but devastated that his pet was missing. He filed a police report and spent the day agonizing over the loss of his pet. Social media posts of the missing dog yielded a lot of concern and later that day, community members were posting they had seen the dog running around downtown Spokane. Grogu had apparently been dropped off by the car thief and attempts by citizens to catch the dog were unsuccessful until eventually a citizen was able to contain him. SPD officers assisted in returning the dog to his elated owner that evening.


The victim said he never expected to get his car back but on November 28, 2022, Downtown SPD officers spotted the unoccupied stolen car parked near the intersection of 3rd and Wall. Officers observed the vehicle when a man approached the vehicle and entered it. Officers were able to detain the man. Probable cause was established to arrest James Hickman, age 34, for possession of a stolen motor vehicle and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver – counterfeit substances – see video clip Officers recovered 100 counterfeit pills and approximately $200 cash on Hickman. Hickman has 5 felony convictions to include theft of a motor vehicle and possession of controlled substance.

The victim, an Army Veteran and long-haul truck driver, wants to thank the community for helping find and reunite him with his treasured dog and is grateful for SPD’s assistance in returning the dog and in finding his stolen car. Grogu is reportedly doing just fine and once again happily traveling in the bed of the victim’s truck as he drives across the country and enjoying some extra treats


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