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State Controller’s Office Unveils Redesign for Transparent Idaho: Enhancing Accessibility to State Government Data

State of Idaho Controller’s Office
May 6, 2024

The Idaho State Controller’s Office has launched a significant redesign to its Transparent Idaho website. This platform is dedicated to promoting transparency and accessibility of government data. The redesign reflects our commitment to providing an enhanced user experience for citizens and stakeholders alike.


“A government cannot function without the trust of its citizens. That is why Transparent Idaho is so revolutionary: it brings clear visibility to the inner workings of state and local government entities, in a consistent and easily understood way,” said Brandon D Woolf, Idaho State Controller. “The redesign of Transparent Idaho offers a more focused and user-friendly interface for citizens and a more detailed look at state agency and local government data.”

Three key features of this enhancement are:
• Introduction of agency-specific pages: These pages filter data to showcase information directly relevant to each agency.
This includes detailed insights into each agency’s employee counts, employee pay rates, as well as travel, transaction, and
vendor data.
• Insightful Workforce and Salary Page: With insights from analytics guiding us, we’ve allocated an entire page to showcase
workforce and salary data, responding directly to our users’ interests.
• Streamlined Public Records Request: To facilitate public record requests from our citizens, we’ve designated a dedicated
page, featuring several of the most frequently requested reports for a smoother and more efficient process.

We anticipate these improvements will contribute significantly to the usability and effectiveness of promoting transparency in Idaho. “Transparency isn’t just about revealing data; it’s about illuminating the path toward trust and accountability in governance. We are immensely grateful for our partners’ support in making this vision a reality,” said State Controller, Brandon D Woolf.


Idaho State News

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