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Summer Safety Series – Stay Safe in Crowded Places

Boise, ID- With the summer vacation season in full swing, many Idaho families will find themselves at theme parks and other popular destinations.  AAA urges travelers to plan ahead for a safe and enjoyable visit, even while in the midst of large crowds.

“Safety is a mindset that involves not only how you travel, but what you do after you arrive,” says AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde.  “Careful preparation can help prevent a stressful situation.”

Here are some tips for navigating the busy places along your journey:

  • Take a photo of your family at the beginning of each day, and share with everyone in your group who has a phone.  If someone goes missing, you’ll have a current photo of what they look like and what they’re wearing.
  • Choose a landmark to serve as a gathering place if you become separated.  It should be obvious, memorable, and tall enough to be seen from various locations in the area.  Don’t rely on cell phones alone, which may lose connectivity or have a low battery.
  • Teach kids to look for an employee or a park ranger if they get lost, and show them how to recognize one based on a name tag, a uniform, or a designated location, such as at a work station or behind a counter.  Employees are well-equipped to help families who have become separated, and they have procedures in place to do so calmly and efficiently.
  • Consider wearing matching shirts or hats so that everyone is more recognizable in a crowd.
  • If you get separated, don’t panic.  That way, you can think, react, and relay information as quickly as possible.