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Today we Celebrate President’s Day- Learn More About It

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On the third Monday in February, the United States celebrates the federal holiday known as Presidents Day. The day takes place during the birth month of the country’s two most prominent presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. While the day once only honored President George Washington on his birthday, February 22nd, the day now never lands on a single president’s birthday.

Across the country, most Americans know the day as Presidents Day. More and more of the population celebrates the day to honor all of the past United States Presidents who have served the country. Throughout the country, organizations and communities celebrate the day with public ceremonies.


  • Some businesses close for the day, including banks and federal buildings, so make a note.
  • Celebrate your favorite U.S. president.
  • Watch a documentary about the POTUS. For example, The Presidents by the History Channel.
  • See if you can name all the presidents in order.
  • Challenge yourself to some presidential trivia: