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U of I Releases “Clarifying Points About State Abortion Law” Students Still Outraged

MOSCOW – On September 23 a memo titled “Guidance on Abortion Laws” from U of I’s Office of General Counsel was sent. In a release, the university explained the “memo quickly took on a life of its own with misinformation, confusion, and emotion leading the conversation.” Despite the comments from the U of I, students are planning a walk and rally on Saturday, October 8 from 1:30 – 4.


Below is the remainder of the release:

“This included those outside our university using this occasion to advance their own political agendas. This is, without a doubt, a divisive and complicated topic. The Idaho laws, brought to the forefront by the overturn of Roe v. Wade, are indeed complex, unclear and written to be punitive for state employees. We cannot make any guarantees about how the state will choose to enforce them. But, to clarify where the university stands, please understand:

1. No university policies have been added or changed as a result of the No Public Funds for Abortion Act passed by the
Idaho legislature.

2. Penalties of the law are criminal in nature. The university does not impose criminal charges nor conduct criminal investigations.

3. There are no changes to our academic freedom policy. The university supports faculty leading discussions on any related educational topic within the classroom.

4. There is no change to student access to contraceptives. Condoms continue to be available in restroom dispensers and campus offices. The Vandal Health Clinic and its sister clinics operated by Gritman Medical Center will continue to meet the reproductive health needs of all students and employees.

As Vandals, we remain united in our mission of providing access to an affordable education, illuminating and elevating our students and conducting research that matters to Idaho industry. That work does not end when we face challenges. Let’s not forget who we are. The Vandal family is resilient, supportive and kind to one another.”

An Instagram account called BansofMoscow has recently gained a following within the community giving to “fight for legal safe abortions in Idaho” sharing information on reproductive health and video interviews with students around campus.

One post explained,

“Mike Satz, a former law professor and associate dean at the University of Idaho, called some of the directives in the memo blatantly unconstitutional…”

“The email has set into motion frantic text messages and “a sense of general panic” among faculty, according to one professor who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of losing their job.”

“People are afraid to even put it on social media,” they said. “Like, are we even allowed to say the word ‘abortion’ on campus?” The professor said they may have to take out assignments related to reproductive justice that was on the syllabus for this semester.”

Daily Fly will continue to update on the matter as more information is uncovered.


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