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Unique Business named Spragmatic-Art Joins Downtown Lewiston

Emily Yamairy I Daily Fly Media

Lewiston, ID- Downtown Lewiston now welcomes a new business that offers something unique to the valley. Spragmatic-Art has been a vision of Greg Posey (Owner) for several years and now it is open to the public. He expressed his enthusiasm by saying “This is my dream…this is all I wanted,” and hopes the valley will enjoy it.

Spragmatic-Art is located at 714 Main street in Lewiston, where the previous Roxy theater was once located. Roxy theater was built in 1912 and then renovated 1952 to accommodate a new movie technique called Cinemascope. After being abandoned for some time, it now is once again a hub where people can gather and connect over a hobby.

This is the dream hangout spot for anyone that enjoys anything related to comic books, 3D printing, collectables, playing Magic, etc. It is a space for people to come together and have a good time while enjoying some good music. Every corner has something neat to look at and an impressive amount of LED lights…(even the bathrooms). Individuals can request something specific to be 3D printed or they can buy the projects in the cases. Additionally to the 3D printed artwork, they also sell rare comics, cards, art, 3D printers and the printer materials. The people at Spragmatic-Art are very kind and love to show people around, drop by and check it out!





02-25-2 Roxy Credit NPCHS(Old Roxy theatre 1912)