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What Happened on this Day in History? Feb. 2

Here is what happened on this day in history. 

February 2nd: 


1887- First Groundhog Day

1897- Black inventor Alfred Cralle patents the first ice cream scoop

1974- “The Way We Were” becomes Barbra Streisand’s first No. 1 hit

1913- Grand Central Terminal opens in New York City

2014- Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of drug overdose at age 46

1971- Idi Amin takes power in Uganda

1943- Battle of Stalingrad ends

1980- ABSCAM operation revealed

1962- First U.S. Air Force plane crashes in South Vietnam

1876- National League of baseball is founded

1848- Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is signed

1882- James Joyce is born

1979- Sid Vicious dies of a drug overdose in New York City

1922- Director William Desmond Taylor is found murdered

1949- United States rejects proposal for conference with Stalin

1950- Klaus Fuchs arrested for passing atomic bomb information to Soviets


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