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What Happened Today in History?

On this day in history…..

December 15th-

2011- U.S. Declares an end to the war in Iraq


1973- The American Psychiatric Assosication removes homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses

1925- Madison Square Garden formally opens with NHL game

1974- “Catfish” Hunter becomes MLB’s first free agent in modern era

1973- Kidnapped grandson of Getty billionaire found

1791- Bill or Rights is finally ratified

1961- Architect of the Holocaust sentenced to die

2001- Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens

1945- General MacArthur orders end of Shinto as Japanese state religion

1973- Jockey Sandy Hawley wins record 500th race

1890-Sitting Bull killed by Indian police

1944- Legendary bandleader Glenn Miller disappears over the English Channel

1993- “Schindler’s List” opens, wins Steven Spielberg his first Oscar

1988- James Brown begins his prison sentence

1978- United States announces that it will recognize communist China

1917- Russia reaches armistice with the Central Powers


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