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What Happened Today in History?

On This Day in History

December 16:

1773 – The Boston Tea Party


1775 – Jane Austen is born

1872 – Buffalo Bill Cody makes his first stage appearance

1893 – Antonin Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” receives its world premiere in New York City

1914 – Germans bombard English ports of Hartlepool and Scarborough

1944 – Battle of the Bulge begins

1950 – President Truman declares state of emergency over Korean War

1960 – Two airplanes collide over New York City

1973 – OJ Simpson rushes record 2,000 yards in a season

1989 – A terrorist bomber begins his deadly rampage

1998 – U.S. House of Representatives recommends impeaching Clinton

1998 – President Clinton orders air attack on Iraq

2009 – Blockbuster sci-fi film “Avatar” has its U.S. premiere+

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