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What Happened Today in History?

Here is what happened on this day in history.

December 22nd…


1956- First gorilla born in captivity

1988- Chico Mendes, leading Brazilian conservationist, is assassinated

2001- “Shoe bomber” Richard Reid attempts to detonate bombs on Paris- Miami flight

1894- Governing body for U.S. golf is founded

1808- Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony given world premiere in Vienna

1894- Dreyfus affair begins in France

1984- Bernhard Goetz shoots four youths on the subway

1989- Romanian government falls

1917- Russian-German peace talks begin at Brest-Litovsk

1971- Soviet Union attacks Chinese policy toward Vietnam

1968- Julie Nixon marries David Eisenhower

1884- Cattleman John Chisum dies in Arkansas

1849- Fyodor Dostoevsky spared from execution

1993- “Philadelphia” the first major Hollywood movie about AIDS, opens in theaters

1978-John Wayne Gacy confesses to dozens of murders

1864- General Sherman presents President Lincoln with a Christmas gift

1941- Churchill and Roosevelt discuss war and peace


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