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Whitman County Deputies Investigating Connection To Larger Pharmaceutical Theft Ring After Local Pharmacy Reports Fraudulent Prescriptions.

Colfax, WA- Tuesday afternoon deputies from the Sheriff’s Office took one individual into custody on charges of Prescription Fraud.

The case started a day earlier when a local pharmacy called to report an incidence where someone “called in” a prescription for a narcotic, using a Spokane area physician’s name and DEA Number.

The fact the prescription, which was for a narcotic, was called in and was from an out of area physician prompted a phone call from the pharmacist to verify the validity of the prescription. During the phone conversation the pharmacist learned the physician’s DEA number had been compromised over the past few days at pharmacies throughout the region and that the prescription was invalid.

The Sheriff’s Office has identified at least two pharmacies in Whitman County where the same DEA number was used fraudulently to obtain or attempt to obtain controlled substances.

A second individual is also believed to be involved and will likely be facing similar charges.

The Sheriff’s Office has contacted the DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration, who will be following up on the investigation.